Altadis USA - maker of fine bulk tobaccos

Altadis USA - maker of fine bulk tobaccos

Sutliff Private Stock Brand New Tobacco Blends introduced in 2011:

SPS #2011 Peach Cobbler - In all likelihood, fruit cobblers evolved from English steamed puddings. This tasty blend of Burley, Virginia, Flake and Black Cavendish epitomizes Peach Cobbler.

Academy - Plato's academy was devoted to analyzing what could be known by the senses. The old philosopher surely would have been intrigued by the appearance, aroma, taste and feel of this pleasing aromatic spiked with Spicy Latakia. Sure to appeal to both Aromatic and English smokers.

Alexander Bridge - Many people think the opulently decorated Alexander Bridge to be the most beautiful in Paris. This symbolic historical monument is a blend of decorative art and exuberant architecture. Mere words cannot describe the beauty of this technical marvel portraying Russian-French friendship. It has to be seen to be appreciated. Much like the Alexander Bridge, this marvelous Aromatic Blend has key elements painstakingly brought together to create something aesthetically pleasing. Red and Gold Virginias mix with Rich Burleys to mingle in harmony.

Berkshire - If English history is your cup of tea, then a visit to Berkshire is a must. Just as events, places, people and buildings define history, this rich English blend can be defined by a mixture of Latakia, Oriental, Virginia and Perique.

Black Swan - This appealing blend is unique in both appearance and flavor. Glossy all Black Cavendish is formulated to smoke mild and smooth from fire-curing and steam sweating.

Blue Danube -The scenic Danube is both unique and vast. It is the only major European river which flows west to east, gushing some 1,770 miles through ten countries. Much like the Danube, this Aromatic Golden Cavendish of Burley and Rich Virginias has depth resulting in a distinctively, delicious character.

Charlemagne - This extraordinary blend of Burley, Virginia and world famous Green River is the epitome of culture as exemplified by Charlemagne himself.

Country Estate - An estate typifies elegance, vastness and wealth. Similarly this fine blend of four Black fire-cured tobaccos and Sweet Virginia portrays quality, depth, and rich flavor.

Field Master - In fox hunting, the quarry, the pack, the field and the field master are all essentials of the hunt. Conversely, this luxurious English mixture has its essentials: Smoky Latakia, Matured Virginias, Rich Burley and Quality Turkish.

Kentucky Planter - Prior to 1864, Red Burley was the type of Burley grown in Kentucky. The Civil War was raging and because of a scarcity of seed, George Webb purchased what was available. This new variety, White Burley, proved to be superior and forever changed smoking history. This soft and aromatic blend of all AAA Burleys is testimony to that fact.

Metropolitain - Today the cultural inheritance of Paris can be admired in its museums, art galleries, architecture and cuisine. Especially the cuisine, for the French seem to have an appreciation for sweet tasting things. This delicious blend of Golden Virginia, Rich Burley, and Black Cavendish is a smoke to delight the palate.

Moulin Rouge - In terms of quality and variety, the Moulin Rouge has been at the forefront of French entertainment since its inception some 120 years ago. The signature CanCan still endures as a huge crowd pleaser. Just as the Moulin Rouge was a trendsetter, this fine blend of Virginia and Black Cavendish offers a new direction with its complexity, aroma and sweetness.

Old Vienna - This exquisite Aromatic blend of Premium Burley and Black Cavendish is worthy of the name Old Vienna. For quality is reflected in every puff with this triple blended and triple flavored masterpiece.

Roma Vita - Rome has a decidedly different pace from other European cities. Typically dinner starts sometime past nine, but with lively conversation and free flowing wine, it can last until the wee small hours. Sidewalk tables are perfect for people watching at busy squares like Piazza Navona. This incredibly, smooth and aromatic mixture of Burley and Virginia is the perfect after dinner smoke, whether relaxing or just people watching.

South Seas - A tropical paradise awaits you, no matter which South Sea vacation you decide to choose. This much is constant, cool breezes, balmy weather, churning surf, the salt spray of ocean air, and of course, sandy beaches. Allow yourself the luxury of briefly escaping to paradise with this delicious mixture of Virginia and Rich Burley, sweetened with tropical fruit.

Spinnaker - Sailing, as in all sports, has its own jargon, understood only by interested fans. If you have ever admired the beauty of a sailboat gracefully gliding with a brightly colored headsail, then you have seen a spinnaker. Open yourself up to a new and exciting experience by trying this delightful mixture of Sweet Burley and tart Back Cavendish.

St. George's Blend - Today's pipe smoker is like a paladin of olde. Who better to fight for a noble cause? Enjoy all that is good by smoking this exceptional mixture of Black Cavendish, Rich Virginia and Sweet Black Cherry.

New Bulk Items:

B35 Sacher Torte - In 1832, Franz Sacher created what many proclaim to be the world's most famous cake. The actual recipe is a carefully guarded secret to the extent of being copyrighted by Hotel Sacher. Chocolate and Fruity notes applied to light and dark Cavendish remarkably capture the essence of this delectable dessert.

SPS-2011 Peach Cobbler - In all likelihood, fruit cobblers evolved from English steamed puddings. This tasty blend of Burley, Virginia, Flake and Black Cavendish epitomizes Peach Cobbler.

706 Tropical Sunset - A fiery, tropical sunset is not a thing easily forgotten. In a similar vein, this succulent, Mango flavored blend of Burley, Virginia and Black Cavendish is sure to garner pleasant and lasting memories.

J13 Cream Soda - The most interesting thing about Cream Soda is the variation of the product itself. Although the product can be purchased world-wide, what you get depends on where you go. The ingredients and appearance differ greatly from country to country, and to some extent even within a country. That aside, this Burley and Virginia blend is the model of consistency with its' Vanilla and Caramel notes.

Z93 Dark Decadance - This incredible, delicious, All Black Cavendish has the makings for a terrific all day smoke. After all, one definition of decadence is unrestrained or excessive self indulgence. You'll want to keep reaching for this fantastic smoke all through the day.

526 Old Professor - This complex English blend is in tribute to old professors everywhere, for they made us aware of our hidden talents and inspired many of us to achieve success.

D62 Planters Punch - Planter's Punch was created in 1904 by a bartender at the Planter's Hotel in St. Louis. But it wasn't until the New York Times posted the recipe in 1908, that the drink gained popularity. This delicious concoction consists of Rum, Orange, Pineapple, Coconut, Cherry and Raspberry applied to a base of Burley, Virginia and Black Cavendish.

Below is a listing of our bulk tobacco lines. Click on a link to see tobacco descriptions.

Alfred Christian Peterson Blends - 101 Black Kathy, 102 Golden Leopard, 103 Whiskey Galore, 105 Royal Viking, 111 Blue Grass, 131 Vanilla Maple, 136 Cherokee, 150 Mark Twain, Pina Colada.

Aromatic 200 Series - 200 Red Wine, 201 Sangria, 203 Coffee, 204 Cappuccino, 205 Peach, 206 Honey, 208 Apple Flavor, 209 Plum, 245 ZBC.

Aromatic 700 Series - 700 Golden Rum, 700 Macs (Vanilla Based), 701 Creme Brulee, 702 Maraschino, 703 Margarita, 704 Spiced Rum, 705 Kentucky Blizzard, 706 Tropical Sunset, 747 Sambuca.

Aromatic Black B Series - B21 Black Spice, B22 Black and Gold, B23 Black Cherry, B24 Black Natural, B25 Dark Chocolate, B26 Dark Honey and Berry, B27 Smooth Black and Golden Cavendish, B28 Hot Chocolate, B29 Ascot, B30 Chocolate Mousse, B31 Baklava, BW 4x4 Vanilla Rugged Cut, B32 Brandy Alexander, B33 Butter Pecan, B35 Sacher Torte.

Aromatic D Series - D52 Peaches & Creme, D54 Chocolate Supreme, D55 Bananas & Creme, D56 Mint Julep, D57 Rum Raisin, D58 Dulce de Leche, D59 Vanilla Latte, D60 Wild Honey, D61 Vanilla Royale, D62 Planters Punch.

Aromatic J Series - J1 Vanilla, J2 Caramello, J3 Almondine, J4 Mild Burley, J5 Root Beer, J6 Golden Cavendish, J7 Peanut Butter, J8 Ambrosia, J9 Tiramisu, J10 Ginger Snaps, J11 Julius Orange, J12 Chocolate Truffle, J13 Cream Soda.

Aromatic - Other - 309 Chocolate, 505-S Golden Cavendish, 507-S, 606 Ultra Dream Castle, 888 Orange, 999 Nine, American Dream, Appalachian Trail, Blacksburg, Caribbean, CBF Oriental/Virginia Vanilla, Celtic, Cherry-Cranberry, CM1 Cordial Mint, CTC Virginia Vanilla, 16 English Toffee, 17 Vanilla & Honey, 18 Mellow and Mild, 19 Coconut and Almond, Euphoria, French Vanilla, Highland Regiment, LT300 Ultra Light, Monarch, My Vineyard, New River, 890 Raspberry Burley, R-18, Rhumtoffen, Royal Champagne, Scottish Conclave, Serendipity, Stone Cottage, USA 600 Vanilla, Walnut Knoll Lane, Z85 Centurion (Fruit), Z86 Bahamian Rhapsody, Z87 Mardi Gras, Z88 Maple Walnut, Z89 Creamy Butterscotch, Z90 Pralines and Cream, Z91 Spicy Vanilla, Z92 Vanilla Custard, Z93 Dark Decadance.

Benjamin Hartwell Tins - Signature Reserve, Evening Stroll, Chesdin Blend.

Blending Components - TS1 Bright VA Ribbon, TS1R Red Virginia Blending Tobacco, TS2 Carolina Flake, TS3 Mild Cavendish, TS4 White Cube Burley, TS5 530 Cube Burley, TS6 White Burley, TS7 Vanilla Burley, TS8 Chocolate Burley, TS9 Maryland, TS18 Latakia, TS19 Turkish, TS20 Louisiana Perique, TS23 Black Toasted Cavendish, D42 Pressed Burley, D43 Cubed Burley.

Cavendish Tobacco - 10 Natural, 11 Whiskey, 12 Cherry, 13 Tropic, 14 Maple.

China Black Packaged Tobacco - Vanilla Burley, Fire Cured and Whiskey.

English Tobaccos - 302 Light English, 310 Modern English, 311 English, 500 African Queen, 502 Medium English, 503 Heavy English, 504 Aromatic English, 510 Balkan I, 512 Balkan II, 515 RC-1, 516 RV1-1 (Small Cube), 517 RV1-2 (Large Cube), 519 RP-51 (Rum), 523 Voodoo Queen, 524 Lord Fairfax, 525 Byzantium, 526 Old Professor, Blue Ridge Apple, Burma Road, Count Pulaski, English Vanilla, General Ike, H. Gray - RCAF, Prime Minister, RC-272, Spitfire, St. George's Blend, Tartans and Bagpipes, Thistle and Shamrock.

Fine Cut Tobaccos feature American Blend Menthol and American Blend Regular.

Jamestowne Tradition - featuring Aromatic, Black, English and Rum mixtures.

Jewels Molasses Tobacco

Kasbah Molasses Tobacco

Pipe Mate Classic Program - features Black Cavendish, Black Cherry, Brandy Aromatic, Cherry, Natural and Vanilla.

Premium Mixtures - 307 Mocha Strips, 506 Sweet Danish Slices, 507-C Virginia Slices.

RL Series Bulk Tobacco - 208-R Granulated Perique, TS-4 Burley Cube, RL-4, TS1 Bright VA Ribbon, TS19 Turkish, RL-575 Large Va Flake, RL Green River Black, TS18 Latakia, RL-HD, 205-8 Virginia, RL-Burley Shag, RL-English Longcut, D41 Chocolate, RL-BD, RL-PR Blend, 12 Cherry, RL-6616, RL-734 Black, TS-6 White Burley, 513 AAA Burley, RL-209-R Granulated Latakia, RL-Virginia Ribbon, RL-256, RL-L Mixture, Premium Ribbon Cut Burley, RC-272, RL-7772, Red Burley Plug.

Smoking Tobacco Products featuring Mixture 79, Dutch Masters Cherry, Dutch Masters Whiskey, Edward G. Robinson and Heine's Blend

Super Value Smoking Tobacco

Sutliff Private Stock Premium Bulk Tobacco - SPS #2011 Peach Cobbler, Academy, Alexander Bridge, Berkshire, Black Swan, Blue Danube, Charlemagne, Country Estate, Field Maste, Kentucky Planter, Metropolitain, Moulin Rouge, Old Vienna, Roma Vita, South Seas, Spinnaker, St. George's Blend, Aged Maduro Cavendish, Bacchanalia, Balkan Luxury Blend 957, Barbados Plantation, Black Cherry, Black Vanilla Cavendish, Blend 5, Bosphorus Cruise, BRG Mixture, CD Blend, Cherry Bon Bon, English Oriental, French Quarter, Golden Age, Great Outdoors, Man's Best Friend, Maple Street, Molto Dolce, Navigator, Peaches and Creme, R-Blend, Sangria, Sunrise, Taste of Summer, Tabac Noir, Top Shelf, Westminster, SPS #1 Natural, SPS #2 Whiskey, SPS #3 Cherry, SPS #4 Mango, SPS #9 Vanilla Creme, SPS #9F French Vanilla, SPS #14 Majestic English, SPS #21 Black Vanilla, SPS #23 Black and Brown, SPS #24 Nougat, SPS #31 Opulence, SPS #35 Champagne, SPS #37 Raspberry, SPS #2000 Sunset Rum, SPS #2001 Vanilla, SPS #2002 Currant, SPS #2003 Strawberry Delight, SPS #2004 Kahlua Amaretto, SPS #2005 Mimosa, SPS #2006 Apricots & Creme, SPS #2007 Bourbon, SPS #2008 Frosty Mint, SPS #2009 Pina Colada, SPS #2010 Fruit Tart.

Tobacco Galleria Bulk Program - Almondine, Blue Note, Champagne, Classic Chocolate, Classic Vanilla, Fox & Hound, Irish Creme, Midnight Smoke, Montego Bay, Night Cap, Nougat, Rum & Maple, Simplicity, Wild Cherry.

Top Selling Aromatics - Buttered Rum, D40 Vanilla, B23 Cherry, Z50 Black Cordial, 777 Amaretto, 1M Vanilla, B20 Black Cavendish, 333 Coco Creme, XK7 Irish Creme, 64K, Rum & Maple, D52 Peaches & Creme.

Value Blends - Black, Cherry, Natural, Vanilla, Whiskey.

Smoking Tobacco:

China Black Packaged Tobacco
- Vanilla Burley, Fire Cured and Whiskey.
Jamestowne Tradition - featuring Aromatic, Black, English and Rum mixtures.
Jewels Molasses Tobacco
Kasbah Molasses Tobacco
Smoking Tobacco Products featuring Mixture 79, Dutch Masters Cherry, Dutch Masters Whiskey and Heine's Blend.
Super Value Smoking Tobacco Pouches

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